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DJing and Turntablism

Backspin.org - the unofficial Technics 1200 turntables site with online service manuals and forum.

Battle Sounds - for those who use the turntable in the spirit of a musical instrument.

Beatboxing.com - features concerts and events for the art form. All competitors welcome.

Canadian Disc Jockey Association - not for profit trade association for disc jockeys across Canada.

Disc Jockey 101 - learn the basics of spinning nightclubs and more, covers mixing, scratching, equipment, and tips.

DJ Essentials - on this site, you'll find everything you need to start your DJ.

DJ Find - European resource covers DJs, nightclubs, equipment, records, and software.

DJ Rhythms - dedicated to dance music and DJ'ing with charts, reviews and music database.

DJ Times Magazine - online version of the magazine includes news, interviews, charts, audio/video files, record reviews, and subscription information.

Djmag - subscription information, reviews, top 100 DJs, and news.

Hip-Hop.com - featuring quick links, the International Turntable Federation, and more.

Six Star DJ, Inc. - providers of brand name pro-audio sound and lighting, mixers, amplifiers, CD players, microphones, and other accessories.

The Dj Cafe - site dedicated to anything related to Dj'ing.

The Vinyl Exchange - it's all about the DJ on here, interviews and more.

Tracoman - distributors of professional audio products and offers advice, manuals, and info on upcoming seminars and clinics.

United DJs Of Australia - providing a complete training service and agency for upcoming DJs and practising DJs wanting to know more about their scene.

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