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HL #50448054
ISBN 0-87639-058-0

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Leverage the power of Pro Tools 7 and Reason 3.0 using ReWire technology, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how these powerful programs work together in the remixing process.
Hip-Hop Writing and Production
Learn the techniques that hip-hop producers use to create hit songs. Learn writing and production considerations unique to hip-hop, how to analyze and recreate different styles of hip-hop.
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Berklee In the Pocket: Remix

by Erik Hawkins

Create awesome remixes on your home computer!


Berklee in the Pocket Remix is a handy refernce guide that will show you how you to harness all the power and possibilities of music software like Cubase, Digital Performer, Sonar, and Pro Tools to create and produce a professional remixes using your home studio.

Features include:

  • Basic equipment requirements
  • Setting up your system
  • Using Digital Audio Sequencers
  • Building a sample library
  • Legally using copyrighted music
  • Tried and true production tricks and techniques
  • Getting your remixes played at clubs and on the radio

As portable as your home studio, be sure to throw Remix in your laptop bag and refer to it wherever you set up shop.

About the Author

Erik Hawkins is a musician, producer, remixer, and author. He has written for many of the top industry publications including Remix, Mix, Electronic Musician, EQ, and Keyboard magazines. He is also the author of Studio-in-a-Box.

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