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Producing Music with Digital Performer
Gain a complete understanding of this powerful audio/MIDI music production tool and take a detailed look at each aspect of the production process in this 12-week online course.
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Producing Music with Digital Performer

by Ben Newhouse

Digital Performer

Berklee Press and MOTU bring you the only guide you'll need to unlock all the power of Digital Performer software to compose, record, and produce your music.

Producing Music with Digital Performer is a comprehensive guide to the features and strategies behind one of the most powerful pieces of music production software. By learning the ins and outs of Digital Performer's intuitive interface and powerful tool set, you'll learn why it is the tool of choice for so many music makers. You'll learn many techniques for making your MIDI productions sound more natural, your working methods more efficient, and your command of Digital Performer's capabilities more complete.

Beginning users will learn basic skills and a practical approach to digital music making, and more seasoned users will learn efficient strategies, shortcuts, and advanced techniques to help them get the most out of this powerful software.

Learn how to:

  • Set up your Digital Performer studio
  • Record and edit both MIDI and audio
  • Make your MIDI productions sound musical
  • Mix and master your recording onto a CD
  • Synchronize your music to video

The included CD-ROM will help reinforce your learning with guided Digital Performer practice projects, providing audio recordings and project setups that illustrate many of the effects and working strategies being discussed. Guided hands-on projects help you practice the presented techniques. They are cross-referenced with the chapters, to help you assess your skills and then easily learn any topic that you'd like to learn more about.

About the Author

Ben Newhouse is an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches music technology and production. He has worked as a music supervisor and composer on dozens of television shows, films, and stage productions for media corporations including ABC, FOX, MTV, and Disney. He holds a bachelor of music in composition from Eastman School of Music.


"Picking up where the DP manual leaves off, there are loads of diagrams that explain each new feature or topic and there are schematic drawings for setting up your studio to incorporate your MIDI gear and mixing console."

-Music Connection magazine

"If you want to compose music for film or television -- in a digital world -- you have a few choices. In my opinion, one of the best and most important for your main system is Digital Performer. Ben Newhouse is a very talented composer that not only agrees with me but has written an excellent book to help anyone interested in this endeavor. I highly recommend it to all."

-Mike Post, Grammy winning composer, including themes songs for L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues, and NYPD Blue.

" Over the years, I've been asked by hundreds of DP users for a practical, hands-on resource that goes beyond the manuals. Producing Music with Digital Performer nails it, and I heartily recommend it. This is a great resource for any Digital Performer user - from beginner to expert. Packed full of real-world know-how, the clearly organized and well illustrated chapters pick right up where Digital Performer's extensive manuals leave off. Ben Newhouse explains how to set up a DP system with a friendly style that anyone can understand. For more advanced users, he covers a wide range of topics that serve up loads of insight and advice that experts can use every day. "

- Jim Cooper, Director of Marketing, MOTU

"This awesome book will lead you towards creating more musical productions, using one of the finest audio/MIDI software tools ever designed. The tips and techniques presented in this easy-to-read guide would take you forever to find on your own. I don't know of a faster way to gain such a deep and intuitive understanding of Digital Performer, so that you can master it and get right to the art of making music."

-Dave Kusek, Architect of the General MIDI Protocol, Vice President of Berklee Media, and author of The Future of the Music Business

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