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HL #50449494
ISBN 0-634015443

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Volume 4: Beat Bomb

by Stephen Webber

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12" record featuring styles from hip-hop to monster rock, funk to New Orleans, and r&b to jungle, the great drum sounds of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today have been captured using four kicks, seven snares, the best vintage mics, studios, and engineers.

Modern Drummer r&b Drummer of the Year Tony Braunagel lays down some of the deepest grooves ever to be pressed on vinyl. Richard Sancho, of the hardcore metal band Mancain, adds scorching rock tracks to make this the ultimate collection of drum beats and loops. Each track is at least two minutes long to make live use easy (for extending tracks live, use two copies). All these beats sound great vari-speeded up or down.

Track List

Side One:

  • 79 bpm
  • 138 bpm
  • 96 bpm
  • 86 bpm
  • 122 bpm
  • 75 bpm
  • 101 bpm
  • 160 Ride
  • 82 bpm
  • 118 bpm

Side Two:

  • 94 bpm
  • 100 bpm
  • 164 bpm
  • 120 bpm
  • 94 bpm
  • 88 bpm
  • 125 bpm
  • 149 bpm
  • 81 bpm
  • 100 bpm

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