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Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop DVD

by Jim Kelly
Kelly DVD

Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop DVD is the first interactive music instruction DVD. Derived from Jim Kelly's Guitar Workshop Series, this DVD is the ultimate experience for learning to play guitar like the pros - it's like having a private lesson from a top Berklee teacher right in your own home. Tune up your guitar with the DVD's interactive tuning session, watch Jim's right and left hand playing simultaneously, and really take your chops to the next level.

Jim teaches you to play in the style of guitar greats like Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others.

  • Choose any song to play along with, and develop your own approaches
  • Learn the techniques of master guitarists and progress to phrase your own solos
  • Full-screen, full-motion video using on-screen menus
  • Multiple language tracks (English, Spanish, and Japanese)
  • CD-quality audio
  • Interactive tuning session
  • Valuable to players at all levels

Running time: 78 minutes



About Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

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